A brand-new 3D asset sharing service
designed to enhance your virtual life

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Full of attractive assets

Over 20,000 assets in a variety of categories: Characters, items, locations, etc. And of course you can submit assets of your own.

Use in your linked apps!

Just place assets into your inventory and start using them right away. You can easily use your favorite assets anytime and anywhere within any linked app.

Ready to use immediately after purchase!

Publicly traded assets can be purchased with VCC(VirtualCastCredit). Purchased assets can be used immediately in linked apps and other applications.

Easy inventory management!

Simply select the assets you want to use in the linked apps on the inventory editing screen. It's easy enough for even the most novice user to understand!

Interact with your favorite characters!

Any available characters can be used in linked apps.


Here are some of the best assets to enhance your virtual life!

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