This is a distribution platform for 3D VR content in VRM (avatar file) format, as well as 3D data created in VCI/GLB format. 3D content can be distributed to various VR services and apps. Even if you don't have your own data, you can still utilize released data.

Origin of the Name

Inspired by Sword Art Online*1, this platform was developed to give people a way to transfer data between various VR platforms. Also, we received express permission to use our name from Reki Kawahara*2, the original author of Sword Art Online.

*1: Sword Art Online is a light novel about VR games, originally written by Reki Kawahara starting in 2002. The novel series has sold over 22 million copies worldwide. For more info, visit the Dengeki Bunko publisher site at
*2: Our name comes from a free software platform within Sword Art Online that's used to create and control the VRMMORPG. In the show, the main character Kirito uses the software to create all different sorts of VRMMORPGs. One example can be seen in Sword Art Online chapter 4, published by Dengeki Bunko.