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Find your favorite characters!

THE SEED ONLINE has a lot of characters up for grabs!
Pick the character you're interested in and buy him or her!
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Play the apps!

Purchased characters can be freely called up in linked applications※.
Take a quick and easy picture of your favorite characters!
A wide variety of pose presets are provided!
Take pictures of your characters in a variety of poses!
Learn more about THE SEED ONLINE ARViewer
VirtualCast allows you to share VR spaces where everyone can play together. You can be any avatar you want, bring in any item you want, and play!
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THE SEED ONLINE List of linked apps

Virtual Cast
niconico Live
Virtual Japan Travel
※For details on how to call up characters, etc., please check the description of each application.

Create characters with collaborative apps!

Create your character in a matter of minutes, or tweak them as much as you want!
You can create your characters with the app that suits you best.
Custom Cast

Let's make an asset!

If you aren't up to something big,
you can simply upload an image to
THE SEED ONLINE and convert it to VCI!
Open Image to VCI Converter
You can also create your own avatar, items, and location from scratch!
Take a look at the summary and tutorial and give it a try!
Avatar Creation Tools VCI Production Tutorial

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