How to buy a paid character in

1. Purchase VCC
2. Purchase paid characters

1. Purchase VCC

In THE SEED ONLINE, we use a currency called "VCC"※1.
You can purchase VCC from the "Purchase VCC" menu in the header menu!
※1 : VirtualCastCredit

VCC purchase process

Press "Purchase VCC" in the header menu.
Select the number of VCCs to purchase.
Select the payment method on the purchase confirmation screen and click "Purchase".
Enter your payment information and click Next.
VCC will be credited.

2. Purchase paid characters

When you found an asset you are interested in,
click on the "Purchase this product" button to purchase it.
Click on "Purchase this product".
After purchase, your character will be placed in your inventory.
With VirtualCast, you can purchase within VR.
For more information about purchasing within VR, click here.
About in VR purchases