About Recommended Assets Program

You can sell assets listed in the User Store to accumulate "Transferable Amount (VCC Conversion Amount)".

What does the process look like?

When a "Recommended Asset" sold by the referrer is purchased,
a portion of the sales price will be paid to the referrer as a reward!

How do I get involved in the program?

No special registration is required.
If you are a user of THE SEED ONLINE, this program will be automatically applied to you!

How much reward will I receive?

You can receive 1% of the asset sales amount as "Transferable Amount (VCC Conversion Amount)".
※ Treatment of fractions: Fractions will be rounded up to the nearest whole number for creators and rounded down to the nearest whole number for referrers.
How do you sell recommended assets?
The program will be applied when an asset is purchased from any of these situations
※VirtualCast, a THE SEED ONLINE partner application, is required.
Download VirtualCast from Steam
Where do you find assets to recommend?

In the user store

There are many characters, items, and locations that people have created on THE SEED ONLINE.
It's up to you to decide which assets will be your "recommended assets."
You might want to start with your instinct or your favorite creator's assets!
Click here for THE SEED ONLINE User Store
※Assets from the official store and assets from some user stores are not eligible.
※Currently, VirtualCast for Oculus Quest does not support in-VR sales.
※VirtualCast version 2.0.0a or later is required.
※Assets with less than 100VCC are not eligible for the "Recommended Assets Program".
※Characters are currently not available for purchase in VirtualCast and are therefore not eligible for the "Recommended Assets Program".
When your recommended assets are sold...

You can receive the share as "VCC(VirtualCast Credit)" or money.

When an asset is sold, the proceeds are stored as "Transferable amount/VCC convertible amount".
You can use the "Transferable amount / VCC convertible amount" to receive VCC or money.

If you want to receive your reward as VCC

"Transferable amount/VCC convertible amount" can be converted as
Click here for an explanation of the conversion procedure

If you want to receive it as money

You can apply for a withdrawal of
your "Transferable amount/VCC convertible amount" as 1JPY = 1JPY
Click here for the conversion procedure
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