These are the Three reasons why we recommend selling assets on THE SEED ONLINE.

You can sell in VR space.
Not only can you sell items on THE SEED ONLINE,
you can also sell them in the VR space of VirtualCast!
This is a great way to reach more people.
No screening required!
There is no screening process before sales!
You can start as soon as you feel like it!
Can be taken out to linked apps
Users don't just have to buy and be done with it!
THE SEED ONLINE has many apps that allow you to play with the assets you have!
Now, let's sell items on THE SEED ONLINE!

What can I sell?

You can sell three types of 3D assets on THE SEED ONLINE.

Does it cost to exhibit?

There are no initial fees or fixed monthly fees.

How much is my share?

The sales price minus the service fee will be the owner's share.
※A separate bank transfer fee will be charged at the time of transfer.
Selling assets is very easy!

STEP01 User Registration

You can easily start using your SNS account (Twitter, Facebook, niconico, etc.) or email address! Create Account

STEP02 Uploading Assets

There are three types of assets that can be uploaded,
each with a different purpose and file format.
Learn more about uploading assets

STEP03 Product Information Registration

Select the assets you have uploaded, register various information such as product name, product details, price, thumbnail, etc., and publish your product!
Of course, you can also publish your products for free.
Learn how to register product information
When your assets are sold

You can receive the proceeds as "VCC(VirtualCast Credit)" or money.

When an asset is sold, the sales are saved as "Transferable Amount/VCC Convertible Amount".
You can use the "Transferable Amount/VCC Convertible Amount" to receive VCC or money.

If you want to receive it as VCC

You can convert the "Transferable Amount/VCC Conversion Amount"
as 1JPY = 1VCC. Click here for details.

If you want to receive it as money

You can apply for the exchange of "Transferable Amount/VCC Convertible Amount" to money as 1JPY = 1JPY
Click here for details
Sell your own assets on THE SEED ONLINE!
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