Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: Assets

I would like others to be able to use my assets for free.

I'm trying to delete an asset, but it's not working.

I accidentally deleted an asset that I submitted. How can I restore it?

I set my asset to appear on My Page, but it doesn't appear in any search results.

What does search hints in asset settings mean?

Assets that I've acquired aren't appearing in my library.

How do I upload my VRM/VCI/GLB files?

I'm trying to use the viewer's icon capture function, but the icon isn't being captured properly.

Are there any precautions for allowing the use of viewers?

FAQ: Store and Products

What happens when you make a product public or private?

If I publish a product, will it be indexed by search indexes?

I tried to embed a video in the product information, but I got an error message that said the URL format is not correct.

Embedded videos are not showing up when I view the product page in Firefox.

I want to delete a product.

What happens to assets that have already been acquired when you delete a product?

How do I register a product?

How do I purchase a product?

When I went to acquire a product, I got a warning about permission for giving the avatar a personality.

What is "enable script debugging"?

What should I do if I happen to find inappropriate content?

Is there an upfront or monthly subscription fee to sell assets?

Do I have to pay a fee for selling products?

Are there any precautions to take when listing an asset?

How do I sell my assets for a fee?

Is it possible to change an asset that is currently sold for free to a paid asset?

When assets sold for free are changed to paid for, what happens to the assets that were previously purchased?

Are there any restrictions on replacing files for assets sold for free?

I want to contact the seller.

My product is frozen

How do I remove a freeze on a product?

FAQ: Serialcode

What is serialcode

Can I use the serial code without an account?

How many times can I use it?

I used a different account by mistake can I start over?

FAQ: Withdrawal

How to receive sales

Can I make withdrawals in USD and other currencies?

I would like to change my registered PayPal email address.

What are the fees for withdrawals?

FAQ: Linked Apps

Assets in my library aren't showing up in my linked apps.

FAQ: Account Details

I'm not receiving emails to my registered address.

I would like to delete my account.

My account has been locked, and I'd like to get it unlocked.

I have multiple accounts and would like to consolidate them all into one.

How do I make an account?

FAQ: Other

What is the inventory?

What is VCC?

How do I get VCC?

What is the library?

What is My Page?

I want to delete Seed-san.

How do I increase my upload capacity?

Setting the viewer's quality to medium or low is causing display issues.

How do I contact you?