Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: Assets

I would like to sell my own assets.

I would like others to be able to use my assets for free.

I'm trying to delete an asset, but it's not working.

I accidentally deleted an asset that I submitted. How can I restore it?

I set my asset to appear on My Page, but it doesn't appear in any search results.

Assets that I've acquired aren't appearing in my library.

How do I upload my VRM/VCI/GLB files?

I'm trying to use the viewer's icon capture function, but the icon isn't being captured properly.

FAQ: Store and Products

What happens when you make a product public or private?

If I publish a product, will it be indexed by search indexes?

I tried to embed a video in the product information, but I got an error message that said the URL format is not correct.

Embedded videos are not showing up when I view the product page in Firefox.

I want to delete a product.

What happens to assets that have already been acquired when you delete a product?

How do I register a product?

How do I purchase a product?

When I went to acquire a product, I got a warning about permission for giving the avatar a personality.

How do I hide script of VCI object?

What should I do if I happen to find inappropriate content?

FAQ: Linked Apps

Assets in my library aren't showing up in my linked apps.

I've uploaded assets from Custom Cast and I want to use them as V-Stamps, but it's not working.

FAQ: Account Details

I'm not receiving emails to my registered address.

I would like to delete my account.

My account has been locked, and I'd like to get it unlocked.

I have multiple accounts and would like to consolidate them all into one.

How do I make an account?

FAQ: Other

What is the inventory?

What is VCC?

How do I get VCC?

What is the library?

What is My Page?

I want to delete Seed-san.

How do I increase my upload capacity?

Setting the viewer's quality to medium or low is causing display issues.

How do I contact you?